Saturday, September 3, 2011

Teacher Helpers: Biology Coloring Workbook

The Princeton Review: Biology Coloring Workbook
Author: I. Edward Alcamo, Ph.D.
ISBN: 9780679778844

The Princeton Review Biology Coloring Workbook by Edward Alcamo: Book Cover  I absolutely adore this series from the Princeton Review! It's a great way to add more content to high school and college Biology classrooms! One page is a description of the biological process involving the picture that follows. What an outstanding way to connect verbal intelligence and spatial intelligence! There are many great web resources for coloring pages too! The nice thing about having it in this workbook is that you do not have to hunt for these materials online. 
  This reminds me of the days in 6th grade Science in middle school. My science teacher, Mr. Berube, would assign all the diagrams on Monday. In his class, we would have to copy, color, and label all the diagrams in that section of the textbook and turn them in by Thursday. I am sure that most of us did not realize how invaluable this tool would be when it came to standardized tests. In order to draw the diagrams, you would have to dissect them and tie it all back together. Boring, lifeless worksheets? Nope! 
  Boost your student's spatial abilities and get coloring!

Image Detail
Can you color and label this? The top diagram is an animal cell. The bottom diagram is a plant cell.

~From Amanda @LearningConnections

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