Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting through the last two weeks of a college semester.

  All day on Sunday, the Facebook pages of my friends were all about this moment. We are in crunch time. Only one more week of classes and then finals. Panic ensues. Anxieties rise. That dreaded feeling of all the ways you should have done this or that. But, you didn't, did you? We fell back on bad habits. We went to the soccer game instead of hitting the library. We didn't study as efficiently as we should have or put extra effort into those projects. The time management skills you are supposed to exemplify and apply to real life outside of college fell apart. What do I do now???

  1. Don't panic. 
  2. Breathe.
  3. Cancel plans that do not add value, ie. money and food. 
  4. If taking in a concert is relaxing, then do it. Hanging out with friends for three hours after? Not so much.
  5.  Use timers. Take short breaks often. Even a nap will work.
  It's a bit late to change bad habits now because it will have to wait until next term. However, you can salvage what you have left and still come out just fine! 

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