Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Round-up for MACUWiP

MACUWiP 2014 Attendees
  What in the world is MACUWiP? It is the Mid-Atlantic Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (phew!). It was a great conference! There were tours, information about graduate schools, information about heading out to a career in physics right from college, and networking events! I think one of the most important ideas to come out of the event is the stories of the struggles and sacrifices women have made to clear a path for more women to break through and be successful in a predominantly male environment. I think a fear of doing something difficult is a horrible cultural streak running through our country right now and needs to be corrected... and fast!
  If the chance should arise that you could go to a conference in your perspective field, go! Network! But I will let these photos tell part of the story of that weekend. Enjoy!

Lizzi, me, and Sarah: Go Roanoke!
Winning Twitter pic for Saturday
Undergraduate Presentations

Worlds of Physics: Industry Session

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