Saturday, March 15, 2014

Which is better: knowing everything or knowing how to find the answers?

  Here is something that came up in a recent conversation, is it better to know everything in your field or knowing how to do the research to find answers to questions? Quite honestly, you cannot have one without the other. They are not separate ideas but work in conjunction with each other. We cannot "know" everything about a single subject or topic. However, we must continue to do the research in the field as new questions are brought forth.
  Let me give you a simple example. You can know all the laws and regulations in the medical field. However, they change on a constant basis. So when it comes to making a diagnosis for a patient, you have to know how the laws effect them. And you thought you just needed med school to be a doctor.
  Here is another example. A client approaches you about doing a marketing plan on social media. There is no way, with as fast that social media changes, that you can know ALL the aspects of it!
  This is where the concept of continuing education is crucial in any field. Laws change. Information changes. Studies and experiments are performed in the hopes of creating a better and more efficient system. This is the Information Age and it does not look to end anytime soon.
  Therefore, while it is good to know your field in-depth, it does not mean that you should not continue to learn from it. Part of being sentient is this drive, curiosity, to learn more!

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